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Kung Flu Crush


Made with the finest wet market bats, gain of function research, and Lord Fauci money! Just kidding. This is just an herbal tea, not a failed government virus experiment. Unlike the government, we won’t promise this is a cure for COVID.

This is a great herbal tea blend for when you are feeling under the weather though, or if you just like a nice tea blend to end your day. This package contains 20 tea bags to help you soothe whatever ache the government has left you with that day.

Ingredients: Organic ginger root, organic rosehips, organic tulsi (not Gabbard), organic orange peel, organic lemon peel, organic lemon myrtle, organic lemongrass, natural orange flavor, and natural ginger flavor.

Note: This tea does not cure or treat COVID-19.

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Did you ever feel like the government took a situation going on in the world, and either used it to control people, or just proved complete incompetence? COVID has been one of the most recent eye-opening proof of this. Either they used the pandemic to control its people with stupid policies, or they were so incompetent at handling it that they just did anything and everything they could think of without using any real science (not the kind everyone says we should be following), data, or logic. And they continually change it to suit their fancy, but never acknowledge any of their faults or inaccuracies.

Remember when…

  • it was 15 days to flatten the curve?
  • masks were for medical personnel only?
  • masks don’t provide enough protection for the general population anyway?
  • wait a second, masks save lives.
  • hold on, if you’re not wearing a mask, you’re killing Grandma.
  • asymptomatic people can’t spread it.
  • just kidding, they totally can.
  • a vaccine won’t be ready on time.
  • oh Trump is pushing the vaccine along so it’ll be ready sooner? There’s no way I’ll get a Trump vaccine.
  • Biden’s elected! And the vaccine is ready?! I’m gonna stand in line for hours to get mine.
  • there is no risk at all in getting this vaccine, it’s totally safe.
  • young men have a likelihood of getting mild cases of myocarditis.
  • you don’t need to wear a mask if vaccinated.
  • nope, never mind, you still have to wear a mask if vaccinated.
  • the vaccines are 92% effective.
  • the vaccines are 85% effective.
  • the vaccines are 65% effective.
  • vaccinated people can’t get it. Or spread it.
  • oh shoot, they can get it and spread it.
  • Delta Variant is going to require a booster.
  • just the elderly and immunocompromised need a booster.
  • who are we kidding, everyone needs to get a booster.
  • J&J isn’t effective enough. Get either Pfizer or Moderna as your booster.
  • “fully vaccinated”.
  • “vaxxed and boosted”.
  • “up to date on the vaccine”.
  • “trust the science”.
  • losing your job because you’re not vaccinated.
  • wait a second, we’re short-staffed at the hospitals. We’ll allow COVID positive, vaccinated employees to work their shift.
  • Omicron.
  • flurona…

There are so many other topics related to COVID that have caused people to be ostracized, kicked off of and banned from social media and Google, being treated as heretics and conspiracy theorists. Robert Malone, one of the inventors of the mRNA technology being one of them…people giving their stories after getting the vaccine and being injured by it are kicked off of social media and forced to make tons of backup accounts so they can continue to tell their story. Only the doctors who agree with the “Science” the government says is true are reputable.

If you don’t see the signs yet, and haven’t this whole time, we’re sorry to say that you’ve been played a fool. We’re not saying COVID isn’t real; we’re not deniers. We have simply watched this political game happening around the world, and have seen the lies, the loss of freedom and liberty, the corruption, the recession, the toying with people’s lives and livelihoods, and we no longer want to be kept silent. People have a right to know that they’ve been played.

It’s Time to take a stand. We choose freedom.

1 review for Kung Flu Crush

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    Love this! The wonderful citrus flavor with the ginger makes a tasty cup of tea. Coffee has always been our fave, but now we’re hooked on this, too. Will keep the package to display. It’ll make for a great conversation. LOL Great for gifts for those who cherish freedom. Purchased a tee as well. Nice quality. Quick delivery and a creative website.

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