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Don’t Mask Me, Bro! Youth Short Sleeve Tee


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As parents, we believe you have the right to make the decisions you think are best and most healthy for your children, and we believe if you really think that it is the best thing to have your toddler wear a mask you should have that choice. On the flip side, there is no reason a parent should be forced to make their child wear a mask. We believe the data and most recent published studies show that masking our children (and ourselves, for that matter) is actually more detrimental than helpful.

Death Rate 0-17 comparing the Flu and Corone

Let’s start by looking at the numbers of deaths among children due to the Corone, and then compare that to a normal flu year before Corone. What we see was that in the 2018-2019 flu season (doesn’t say exact dates but seems to be October 2018- May 2019), deaths from the flu in the 0-17 range was estimated at 372, and the deaths from the Corone from all of 2020-2022 was 770 deaths in the same age group. Notice that the total deaths from the Corone is for TWO years, not just one season. What we see is that among kids, the death rate for the flu is similar and maybe a little higher or lower than that of Corone depending on the year. Why haven’t parents, the government officials, and health experts called for mask wearing during the flu season, specifically for the flu?

Possible developmental issues in children

Recent studies talk about the developmental effects of masking our kids, and their teachers. Children now have many more difficulties reading emotional cues from their peers and the adults around them when they’re masked. Check out this study in the NIH journal. Essentially what they found is children, especially young ones, have a tough time reading emotions of those who are wearing masks. Psychologically, Dr. Aaron Weiner, PhD, a board-certified and licensed clinical Psychologist explains, “the psychological aspect of masks we need to be most worried about for children is that they internalize the idea that the world outside, and the people living in it, are inherently dangerous. This perspective can lead to long-lasting anxiety disorders, and difficulty with their ability to function socially after guidelines are relaxed.” This is really important. We’re teaching our children to fear those around them when they’re not wearing masks. We’re teaching children to fear the outside world, and to only feel comfortable in their sphere of people. So many of the toddlers today were born and raised during the Corone, and know nothing else. The feelings they have toward others are being developed in their precious little brains, and unfortunately, they’re learning a very warped sense of reality.

Possible medical issues when wearing a mask

When CO2 levels are tested for those in masks, we see elevated carbon dioxide levels that can cause issues like hypoxia and can promote inflammation. In other studies, we see that microbial contamination of masks can actually cause infections and bacterial pneumonia.

We didn’t want to make this product page too long, but we wanted to get out some information to those who don’t know whether they should mask their kids or themselves. One of the best resources that actually has all these studies and news articles plus many others is the Just The Inserts Masks Documentation. Take a look at this for a much more in depth review of masks and why they might be an issue. This is not just an opinion piece but rather many journal studies and document links. There is an excellent video to watch here, that involves two prominent OSHA specialists, who have been fighting mask wearing from the very beginning.

Width, in 15.24 16.26 17.24
Length, in 20.87 22.13 23.39

Kids will love this custom youth short sleeve tee. This lightweight (4.0 oz) side-seamed shirt maximizes comfort all day long. The ring-spun cotton makes this kids short sleeve tee perfect for displaying custom artwork. Side seams keep the garment’s shape. The shoulders have tape for longer fitting. The collar is extra elastic due to ribbed knitting. These shirts are the very comfortable Bella + Canvas 3001Y Shirts

.: 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton (fiber content may vary for different colors)
.: Extra Light Fabric (3.7 oz/yd² (125 g/m²))
.: Retail fit
.: Tear away label

It’s Time to take a stand. We choose freedom.


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