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All Teas Matter


Black Teas, White Teas, Blueberry Teas, we like them all.  Get this bundle of our 5 available teas to show you care about all teas and don’t have a teaist bone in your body!  This bundle includes our Kung Flu Crush, Don’t Tread on Tea, Miss Libertea, Sleepy Joe’s Tea and AR-15(fifTEAn). Each pouch has 20 tea bags

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Black teas, white teas, blueberry teas, we like them all. All joking aside, we are not fans of all of them being allocated to a specific group. The media has not only decided to pit different groups against each other, but they have also made everybody within these groups collective zombies. There are no individuals anymore. Not only does the media not treat people as individuals, but they often make incorrect assumptions and the groups themselves are caricaturized into something that is just total nonsense. You will hear things like, “if you didn’t vote for Joe Biden, you aren’t black”, or you hear of black conservatives who get called awful, hateful names.

What we have seen recently is the rise of the organization Black Lives Matter. The name of the organization is a very good catch phrase that makes people say “Oh you don’t agree with Black Lives Matter, then you must be a racist.” It really is a great trick they have pulled. It has nothing to do with black lives, but is much more about the political agenda of Marxism that the top leaders held or pretend to hold. Patrisse Khan-Cullors one of the founders of Black Lives Matter (who looks to be no longer in the organization) bought a $1.4 million home in a predominantly white neighborhood. An interesting article from Heritage talks about the Marxist backgrounds of the three founders and what they believed. You can also look at the BLM’s 7 Demands and see that they are more for political points than anything. Their move to bang Trump from digital media platforms was one of their political moves, just as an example. The demands are just silly, and don’t talk about how to help black folks. You see that conservative black individuals are not included in Black Lives Matter, because again, it has more to do with Marxist principles rather than any race. The BLM group has no problem calling people names, and they certainly have no problem ignoring you, even if you are black, if you don’t align exactly with them.

What we truly need is the freedom and liberty that allows all to thrive and have a true equality that allows people to rise and fall on their own merits rather than on their race or skin color. This comes from an equality under the law, economic freedom to be able to use their skills, and capital to be able to create businesses and jobs and being rewarded for hard work. What we have today is one that makes many people victims, often rewards those who make poor decisions through welfare policies and inflated unemployment payments, keeps people believing they can’t do things without the help of government, and tries to make people enemies based on their race.


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