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10 Gifts for Freedom Lovers


by | Feb 21, 2022 | Product

What do you get that freedom lover in your life? Sure it’s not Christmas, but birthdays, congratulations and weddings happen everyday of the year.  So here is a list we think would be good for the freedom lover type in your life.  Some of these are more survival and prepper related because really with the individuality of freedom and understanding that the government has poor economic policy that can go extremely sideways at any time it is good to have some skills and some survival supplies to be more independent.

1. Our Teas and Tee Shirts

Well duh! What would any list be without Teas for Freedom teas and Tee Shirts.  We have some Delicious teas in 5 different flavors.  We also have liberty t-shirts that are sure to suit your fancy.  We will be adding more teas and tees all the time so be on the lookout for those. These satirical teas and tees are always a fun thing to get as they are a great novelty and you can help a friend or relative learn something about liberty and freedom.

All Teas Matter

2. Ammunition

You can never have too much ammunition!! I am always happy when I get more ammunition. It’s another time we can go out shooting or maybe some new self defense ammo to put into my pistol is always a good thing. It’s always funny when they get a guy with what the media calls an illegal arsenal and they have like 3 guns and a couple hundred rounds of ammunition. That might not even be enough for a few hours at the range.

3. Crypto Wallet or Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency like ammunition you can never have too much. Not having all your eggs in one basket as an investment or having it in case there is a collapse of the US dollar can be a great idea (this is not investment advice just what I have done).  If you want to get a gift for someone but you don’t know where to start you can check out coinbase to actually start buying, but for a gift something cool for the crypto enthusiast could be a crypto wallet. The two most trusted brands are the Trezor and Ledger.

Crypto Wallet
Tom Woods liberty Classroom

4. Tom Woods Liberty Classroom

We believe Tom Woods is not only one of the most reasoned voices of liberty and freedom, but also has an amazing knowledge of history.  This isn’t the person that is going to give you the approved government teaching of history, you will hear a lot of different parts of history that you have never heard and how big government sets us back everyday.

5. Go Bags, Survival Equipment and Food Storage

I would argue that a lot of the people in the freedom movement are quite individualistic and like to take personal responsibility so they want to be ready for anything.  Having the right equipment from water purifiers (I have the MSR Miniworks and like it and haven’t gotten sick from lake or river water) to food storage to equipment for a go bag can be a great gift.  Though do watch out as some of the premade go bags can be junk and you get what you pay for sometimes it can be fun to make your own for a friend.

Survival and Prepping
Freedom Books

6. Freedom and Liberty Books

There are just so many books that this one is hard to put one on the list.  So for starters I have harped on Frederic Bastiat books so those are some of the first I would check out and especially “The Law”. Then we can look at many other amazing authors like Ludwig Von Mises, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, FA Hayek (The Road to Serfdom), Milton Friedman, Tom Woods, Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, and many many more. You and I may not even agree with every single word in these books, but they will make you think and give some great perspectives.

7. Liberty Album by Jordan Page

I have some of his songs on the site and I really like not only the lyrics but the type of music as well.  He really has some deep lyrics that question a lot of the government motives.  The title son Liberty is my favorite song on here but I also love Message of freedom a lot.  It really is a great album with a great message.

Jordan Page Liberty
Gadsden Flag

8. Gadsden Flag and Don’t Tread on Me Stuff

The Gadsden Flag/ Don’t Tread on Me is such a symbol of freedom that pretty much anything with it on it can be a good gift for a friend or lover liberty.  We have our Don’t Tread on Tea as well that is a great gift for those that can’t get enough of the iconic flag and saying.

9. Pocket Constitution

Though many politicians have totally trashed the Constitution and the bill of rights it is still good to understand where it came from, what it says and what was meant by it.  It is amazing to see how it is used and abused by either misquoting things in it or misrepresenting what it says and how it was meant.

Pocket Constitution
Heirloom Gardening

10. Heirloom Survival Seeds and Gardening Supplies

Another item for self-sufficiency and also learning a valuable skill is how to grow your own food. It can be fun, but can definitely be frustrating if you have a short growing season like we do.  Having good gardening tools can help to get you going, this gardening tool all in one sure has a lot of versatility.  It is amazing to see the fruits of your labor and to actually provide food for your family even though I wouldn’t necessarily say it is cheaper.  It is also a great experience to have with your kids to show them where food comes from.  I would also suggest hunting as another past time to show your kids where their food actually come from and if you can even butcher the animal yourselves as we have done in the past 3 or 4 kills.

Two More Bonus Items

Tuttle Twins Books

For the Kids and Liberty Parents: The Tuttle Twins Books

I can’t stress enough how amazing these liberty books are for kids.  Our 6 year old son loves them and they break some very tough ideas and liberty books up into very easy to understand pieces and stories for kids. What kids do you know that understand what coercion means? Well our son sure does and he has even learned about the Federal Reserve and Inflation.

Just for Fun: Truck Horns the Biggest one you can get

Especially in Canada the truck horn is probably now as big of a symbol of freedom as the Gadsden Flag or something like that.  If you want to be part of that Freedom Convoy, just go and get you a big air horn and you can join in the fun of annoying the tyrants and authoritarians.

Semi Truck Horn

Phew, that’s quite a list! Now you will always know what you should get those liberty and freedom lovers in your life.


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